The numbers of Italian quality


Orobica Plast-Gom initially produced components for the bottling industry, but it soon also focused on other sectors such as packaging, the food industry and the woodworking, glass and marble industries.


alongside the doubling of the facilities, the production of seals for plate type heat exchangers started. This is a sector and a product where the highq uality of the materials, high precision, dimensional stability and unquestionable durability are vital.

Since 2010

10.000 square metres in one production area that cover the entire cycle, from design to production, storage and delivery.

80 >1200

tonnes: the pressure of the presses used for pressing,with surfaces measuring up to 3100 x 1600 mm.

These highly technological machines have been equipped with PLCs and robots for control of production to ensure repeatable quality levels from the first to the last workpiece of the different production batches, according to the design standards agreed with customers.

50 employees
1500 customers
7000 products produced: Orobica Plast-Gom is a wholly Italian company that exports Italian quality and precision throughout the world with a sole imperative: continuous research for maximum quality without any compromise.